Thursday, November 10, 2011

Forever 21: Sneak Peek into an NYC store, and a Few Things They Could do Better!

The fact that I keep talking about Forever 21 obviously means the brand holds a special place in my heart. We all love the brand because if makes fashion very affordable. A few days back I was looking at their site and found almost 200 items under $5!! Though I always felt the quality of the clothes was not the best, but they were worth the money and trendy, I had a slightly different experience this time during my trip to NYC.

There are quite a few stores in the city and surprisingly have different collections. The one at the 34th street, though is very big, did not have a great collection this time!  All I wanted was a casual skirt, and there were almost none to even try. I did not like anything! The quality of the clothes were a bit disappointing, you could find better stuff at Sarojini street shops. Nothing against SN since it used to be one of my favorite shopping destinations during college days, but you'd expect better in a NY store. The not-fitting and asymmetric seems to be the in-style these days! The store was flooded with them. But I am not a fan!

The Union Square is a better one. I found a nice $10 skirt there, which on trial turned out to be a little too tight and sexy ;). I picked up a very pretty necklace though. The best Forever 21 store however is the one at Times Square! First of all it stays open till 2am!! It is also quite huge and has the best collection. It is very organized too.

All said and done, I still can't not visit this store if I'm visiting NYC! The Delhi store hasn't impressed me much as they charge very high prices compared to the US stores! I have a soft corner for this store, and I hope I can find something nice I visit them the next time! For the same price, H&M offers some more sophisticated stuff. Forever 21 still is a very popular brand for college kids, 70% of the collection meant to woo them.. but it would be fabulous if they could bring out some classier and chic clothes for us, the office goers too!

Another thing I wish F 21 could change was their exchange policy. Most stores allow you to return the products in the US. This only gives you a store credit so that you can exchange it!

How has your latest Forever 21 experience been?

Here are some photos from the 34th Street store. It was such a nice feeling to be able to take photographs freely inside a store, unlike here in India where you're always prohibited!!


Vanity said...

it is so grand. i went to the vasant kunj one a few days back to get a nice pair of shoes, too bad..nothing to suit my fancy

PeachesandBlush said...

I like tht dress with the shimmery gfrey skirt and navy top! But everything else looks like india only..

Twenty Somethings said...

I think forever 21 is great for basics and accesories but you have to look too hard for good dresses. Though i always see great stuff on the website!
I agree with Mehak on the navy-silver top :)

Hungover on Fashion said...