Sunday, April 22, 2012

'Vicky Donor' is an Entertaining as well as Emotional Film

When I booked my tickets for 'Vicky Donor', I thought it would be an out and out laughter riot. While the movie does have a lot of laughter but the heart of the film according to me is the love story between Vicky and Ashima. I don't think I need to talk much about the plot.. Vicky is currently unemployed, the house being run with the income from his widowed mother's beauty parlour and he is the apple of his 'dadi's eyes :). He is also a very 'typical' Punjabi and finds love in Ashima, a sensible, pretty girl working in a bank. And of course he is also a sperm donor (about which noone but Dr. Chadhdha, the associated doctor and clinic owner knows).

While watching the movie, I actually felt I was standing in the middle of one of the Lajpat Nagar refugee colonies and hearing the residents talk. The language, the (loud) actions, everything was so real :). The dadi who always took Vicky's side against his mom actually shared a great bond with his daughter-in-law, which was further strengthened over drinks! And even more real was the reactions the respective families showed on coming to know that Vicky was dating a independent, fish eating Bengali girl and Ashima was in love with a loud, not so well spoken business class Punjabi boy! This is where I probably felt a special connection.. I am a Bengali girl but no, I did not marry a Punjabi boy, but the reactions of my parents would have been ditto if I had to :). I must say I was frowning a bit while they indulged in some bong bashing, but then I realized most of the things were factually correct if not politically correct ;). They brought out the typical characteristics of both the communities but eventually mingled very well and embraced each other's culture.

And a Bollywood movie with a couple of Bengali dialogues and a glimpse of Kolkata makes me like it even more! Actually a film based in Delhi, with a bong character and references to CR Park, showing a bit of Kolkata is probably my favorite combination, and Vicky Doner scores with flying colors in this regard! (Though I kept wondering why they always show the Howrah Bridge even when people reach their by planes, it's the entry point only when you come to the city by a train.. But that is hardly a relevant point).

Not all is rosy forever and the film takes a rather unexpected dramatic turn after the interval and they address the issue of donating sperms being something looked down upon. I would rather want you to see it. I was seeing most of the actors for the first time, but the cast was perfect! Everyone as so naturally into the character. Overall it's a nice, light movie with a sensitive theme. I would definitely recommend it!


Anonymous said...

Howrah bridge is more picturesque than rajarhat I guess :)

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Ankita said...

I Agree with you. It's a nice and warm movie that is totally engaging. The cast is just spot on. Definitely deserves a watch.

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Still haven't seen it! Will go check it out now! :)

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