Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color - Candid: Photos, Swatches, Review

My latest addition to my lipstick/ lipcolor collection is the Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color - Candid. I had my eyes on these for a long time and finally got one during the ongoing sale from Pantaloons.

Product Details
Product Range: Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color
Product Description: "Extra Durable Lip Color is a long stay liquid lip colour that is rich in texture. It endures for more than 10 hours after application without feathering, bleeding or smudging. Its non transferable and kiss proof formula not only locks the lip colour but also keeps the lips moisturised and nourished. Available in 15 long-lasting shades, the Extra Durable Lip Color is perfect for all occasions, especially a date!"

Shade: Candid (013)
Range of Colors: There are 15 colors available. Mostly nudes and subtle shades and there is one bright pink.
Price: Rs 450 when I bought, but 500 now :(
Quantity: 4.5 ml X 2
With Gloss: Yes
With Applicator: Yes
Application Instructions
1. Apply a thin layer of lip color
2. Wait until dry and then apply the gloss
3. Remove with an oil based cleanser

Here's my review.
The Color: This is a nude shade with a tinge of pink. It has a slight shimmer as well. I actually wanted something for regular wear at work, basically something in pink. But their pink was a little too bright, so I went for this one instead. When applied, the color shows up well, but if you apply just one coat, it does not show up well.

 The Texture: When you apply the color alone, it dries up within a minute. But once you apply the gloss, you would not feel any dryness at all. Infact feels quite creamy and moisturizing.

The Pigmentation: Quite good.

The Finish: Since it has gloss, so it gives a nice shiny and glossy finish to the lips with a little bit of shimmer.

The Staying Power: Yes, it does stay upto 10 hours. In fact in a couple of instances when I did not have anything, it stayed for even a longer time till I removed it. The gloss would wear off first, but the color stays on for a long long time.

Here is the swatch.

 What I like about Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color
  • It stays on really long
  • No dryness, keeps the lips moisturised
  • Easy to apply with the applicators on both ends
  • Gives the kind of finish that I like: Glossy and full
  • Not sticky like some other glosses
  • Have not experienced any leakage issues like I had first faced with Maybelline. Infact, the caps make a click sound wheich is when you know that they have got locked and you need not worry :)
 What I don't quite like about Colorbar Extra Durable Lip Color
  • After long hours, my lips start flaking and layers of color start coming off. This is after over 8 hours though but is a bit of a problem
  • They do not have vibrant colors in this collection
  • The actual colors look horribly different from the website, so see a sample before you chose to order from the website.

    Recommendation:  This is definitely one of the true long lasting lip colors. I generally like except the flaking part. I also like the fact that it comes with a gloss and does not dry the lips like some of the long lasting colors. I picked up a nude shade this time, however I would like to try out a brighter one.

    Overall Rating: 3.5/5 (I wish they had not increased their price)


Nivedita said...

I don't know how to thank you, because I have been curious about this range and was afraid to take the plunge. You know, almost two years ago these were priced around 250 only!! The brands are going berserk I guess!! But yes, it looks very promising. My Maybelline one is also quite good. The shade is lovely

Ik said...

Like I never bought anything Colorbar and now when I decide not to buy from companies that test products on animals, there is so much Colorbar & Lakme! hmph!

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Nivedita: They used to be 250..really!!

@Ik :)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

500??? Lakme has the same, but is priced at 600... :( :(
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Ninja said...

That looks pretty good...apart from the flaking which could be a problem. Thanks for the review!

xxx Irinja (

FAB! said...

What a nice post and even a nicer blog. :)

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