Sunday, August 7, 2011

Himalaya Neem Foaming Face Wash: Review and Why I'm Loving It!

This is the first foaming facewash I have ever used. When I saw this bottle, there were two things that tempted me to buy it.
1. It was a 'foaming' face wash. Till now I only knew about shaving foam.
2. It had a pump. I somehow immediately fall in love with everything that can pump ;), the convenience is immense. By the way, the normal Himalaya Neem Face is also available in a pump now, but when I had bought this.

The Pump

Product Details
Product Name: Himalaya Purifying Neem Foaming Facewash
Price: Rs 195 ($ 4.5) for 150 ml
Key Ingredients: Azadirachta indica (Neem)Curcuma longa (Turmeric), Veiveria zizaniodes (Vetiver - an Indian grass used in perfumery and aromatherapy)

Product Claim
'It is a soap-free herbal formulation that gently removes impurities from skin and prevents pimples. Enriched with Neem, Turmeric & Vetiver.
Neem, well known for its anti-bacterial, antiviral and germicidal activities, helps to control acne, pimples and their recurrences. Turmeric is also known for its antiseptic activity and soothes skin. Vetiver provides coolness and refrigerant activity. It also has antibacterial activities.'

My Experience
I have used the Himalaya Neem Facewash in the past and the feel after using this foaming face wash is no different. It is a nice, refreshing, herbal facewash, gentle on the skin. But as I have already mentioned it's the foam part that I'm totally in love with. The only difference between the regular facewash and this one is that you don't have to open the cap, pour it and then lather for 2 seconds, instead you can directly pump it on to your palm just once and apply on the face. But somehow that one difference makes me feel pampered :). I was also excited about the fact that this was the first foam facewash I was using. Here's more of my review.

What I like about Himalaya Neem Foaming Face Wash
  • Ofcourse the foam part...
  • It is herbal and hence I always prefer this over those with strong chemicals.
  • It's really gentle and refreshing. Does not cause any dryness. In summers you can easily go without applying a moisturizer.
  • The pump and foam combination makes it very convenient to use. My bottle is over now, and the pump was able to take out even the last part left. 
  • It's got a very mild and pleasant fragrance.
  • It is reasonably priced. 195 for 150 ml is not bad. It's a generous quantity.
What I don't quite like about Himalaya Neem Foaming Face Wash
  • Well, I really like this product but one thing that it claims but does not quite do is prevent is pimples. I don't have a major pimple problem as such, but I continued getting my usual pimples once in a while in the course of use of this product.
Would I recommend this? Definitely, it's a nice break from the usual face washes.


PeachesandBlush said...

My sis has this...she loves it too !!

Ik said...

I had this after the body shop tea tree one.. :P Honestly, not much difference! Tough I cant remember rightly.. and my skin was pretty dry I got it just cause f the foaming thing!:P

Hungover on Fashion said...

@PeachesandBlush: Yeah, I love it too!
@Ik: Yeah I also love the foaming dryness for me though..

Smita said...

I used this and its nice!

Gauri said...

I ♥ Himalaya! This one really feels so good to put on...

As always, great great great post Debleena!

bhumika said...

the non foaming one is my HG !!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Me too having n loving it!!!
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Clara Turbay said...

I like this blog.

check out mine.