Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Visit to 'Devilz Tattooz', GK

The morning was filled with loads of excitement and anxiety! No I ain't that brave yet, it was a close friend of mine who was to get her first tattoo! I was only the moral support. We went to the Devil'z Tattooz tattoo shop at GK. The entrance to the shop was a little unimpressive as it was on the terrace, but it was nice and tattooed from inside.

We had an appointment for 12 noon, and the artist arrived at around 12:30. And the moment we saw the needle and the instrument, nervousness surpassed the excitement! It actually reminded me of one of those noisy and painful dental instruments. However, the whole thing got over in about 20 minutes and it was not as difficult as we had probably anticipated! And the outcome was exactly what we wanted! All's well that ends well. The artist did not speak much, but he did a good job. And by the time we left, there were atleast 7-8 more tattoo seekers. The place is quite popular!

The Design: We went for a very simple design, being the first tattoo. We chose an angel, a combination of feminism and liberation. This design cost Rs 4000.

So if you've been wondering where to get a tattoo done from, you could definitely visit this place once. I  have to admit, I am getting a little tempted too :). 

The Tattoo Instrument

The Outcome: Angel!

Tattoo After Care
  • Wash off with cold water after 2 hours
  • No soap for 3 days
  • Skin will come off, let that happen naturally
  • Apply an after care tattoo cream after 2 days for 1 month (thrice a day)


Nivedita said...

The tattoo looks beautiful. but well, the needles would scare me off forever

Anonymous said...

nice and tattooed : hilarious :)

Alex said...

very interesting blog! I love tatoos!

would be lovely if you visit me too!

Fictitious Fashion said...

Oh woww.. m glad you told me about this place..
Do you highly recommend this place?
I also want a tattoo one day.. preferably on the inner wrist.. Would it be painful? :D

-Love, Akanksha

IamXcessP said...

The tattoo came out beautiful!

The Barbie Corner said...

cool blog and tattoo!

Shara said...

lovely tattoo:)La Folie 

Mia Rivel said...

Pretty Blog

-Mia xo

Nicole Alicia said...

very cute tattoo! I like the simplicity of it.

-Nicole Alicia

M said...

looks painful for sure, but i love the design you chose!
glad to have stumbled upon this blog and will be checking back for sure


Anonymous said...

This is the best place not only on Delhi but in India to get a tattoo done, my friends visit this place specially from Dubai to get a tattoo, check out their page

Adam Alex said...

looks like an awesome place! i think tattoo artists have incredible talent... i'd lvoe to get another tattoo.. but am totally undecided where to get it. :) you're a terrific writer and enjoyed your blog! you have a new follower on google. would you like to connect with me to? i'd love to keep in touch. cheers!