Monday, August 22, 2011

Revlon Plum Deluxe Nail Polish: Swatch, Review, Photos

Revlon nail enamels have been my favorite since a very long time. For me, nailpolish is something I don't like spending too much on. After all nails are made up of a tough protein, unlike the delicate lips or eyes :). All I want is somthing that does not smell horrible and does not wear off in just a couple of days. Revlon fits the requirements well.

Product Details
Shade: Revlon Plum Deluxe (315)
Price: Rs 130 ($3)

What I like about Revlon Plum Deluxe

The Color: Though the name is 'plum', the color is closer to a magenta. A plum has a slightly stronger violet tone.
The color perfectly matches that of pomegranate juice! I have even shown the comparison :)
It's a nice bright color, very wearable to office as well. It's not one of those 'Jhataak' pink shades.

Staying Power: With 2 coats, the color stays fine for 2 weeks.

The Price: It is quite reasonably priced at Rs 130

What I don't quite like about Revlon Plum Deluxe
Nothing serious, just that the color appears darker on the nails than seen from outside.

Recommendadtion: This is nice, cheerful color and the quality of revlon nail paints is pretty desirable. So I would definitely recommend this.

Revlon Plum Deluxe = Pomegranate Juice


Rakhshanda said...

Nice shade!! The last pic is great :D

PeachesandBlush said...

Haha it is the exact color of promegranate juice!!!

beautydiva said...

Great shade and great

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Rakshanda: Thanks

@PnB: Yeah!! and just realised how I had messed up with the spelling of pomegranate.. That is what happens when you blog from office :D

@beautydiva: thanks :)

bhumika said...

pretty shade :)

Ai said...

I tried this shade before and found it a little too wowza for me :p But I do love pomegranate juice! :D

New reader :) Feel free to drop by sometime!

Ik said...

haha you compared it to that!:P so cute!:D