Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopper's Stop Sale August 2011: Overview

This was one sale I was waiting for.. I love the fact that they accept gift vouchers even during sale and this time I had a lot of them in stock! Though I ended up picking some items on which there was no sale, I did spend quite some time there hunting. Here is a brief overview.

Offers on Make Up Items
I don't the brands can't keep a discount on any purchase. I was disappointed about the fact that most of the brands had gifts on making a purchase of a certain value. Here are a few offers.

Buy any three items and get a gift. This is still better than having a value associated with the purchase for a free gift. I mean if nothing then buy 3 nailpolish bottles may be ;). Well not sure if that would qualify.

The gifts however were not that attractive. There were 3 choices.
1. A bath set (comprising of a loofah, pumice stone, back scrubber, a massage aiding thing (I don't know if I am missing anything here). This was the best of the gifts, but not something I would die for :)
2. A make up pouch, empty of course
3. Another make up/ toilettories pouch

Shop for 1500, get a lip balm free. Really sad..Recently in the Pantaloons sale they had a 10% off, which was far far better than this! Probably they oversold and ran into losses ;)

Again, there was some gift on a purchase of 1500, but I didn't feel like asking what :(

Other brands like Lakme etc also had similar (and not so useful) offers. I did not explore the higher end brands though. I will keep updating this section.

Offers on Women's Clothing
  • There was 10%-40% off on mix and match salwar kameez as well as pre-assesmbled sets.
  • Van Heusen, Allen Solley, Arrow, Wills Lifestyle also had upto 40% off, in facts quite a lot of items in the 40% range. Unfortunately I did not like anything!
  • Remanika, Noi had upto 51% off and I think most of the items were flat 51%.

Offers on Lingerie
  • Most of you would be aware that this is one section in which there are hardly any offers during sale. Most items were still on the MRP. 
  • B'witched was one brand that had 40% off on a few items. They also were giving away a voucher of Rs 250 on purchasing things from the nightwear section.
  • The other offers were mostly on unsold and unusual sizes. There was no offer on Lovable or Triumph (except some items for 299) or Jockey.
Most of these had an additional 5% off for Golden Glow members.

Offers on Bags
There were the usual 10%-40% off on bags too. Rocky S had some interesting stuff. In fact planning to pick something up from there.

Overall the sale isn't bad at all....They have enough discounts of enough items. It was unfortunately not my day :(. I was a little disappointed with the make up section offers though.

So what are you waiting for, the sales on for everyone from tomorrow, August 6, 2011... and so is the weekend.. It definitely worth a visit.


Ik said...

I love such posts of yours! The first I ever read from you was the Marks & Spencers wala. :D

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Ik: Yeah, even I love sharing usable and summarized info :) It brings out my analytical skills :)

Actually, whenever these sales come, I always feel like checking them out. But with office I have limited time and I want to first read if they're even worth checking out. But I never get much info like I do on makeup items, hence thought of sharing some on my own :)

Glad you like it..

PeachesandBlush said...

Makeup toh kaafi diaapointing hai...but remanika and noi at 51% off is good deal yar!!! UsuALLY remanika is expensive though....i also went to a sale today..>Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla went on a flat 50% off for the fvirst time in their designing lifes...the cheapest item after discount was 2 lakhs :p

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Peached and blush: Come on 50% is 50% :) 2 lac or 2 grands..

But yes, make up was a little disappointing. I will explore a few more brands over the weekend may b..

Ik said...

:D Lovvee it!! haha analytical skills, so modest!:P But true! I'm glad you do this yaar.. makes life much easier!!:D

whengeekmetchic said...

i went for it too but the shoppers stop i went to had this offer on triumph (a rack with lingerie for 299) which i thought had some decent stuff!
But overall i think it was quite a disappointment :(

Hungover on Fashion said...

@when geek met chik: yeah i think i missed that rack..but i can't recollect what was there exactly..anyway good that you reminded me :) thanks!!

Shruti said...

I did not like the stuff in SS this time! :-(

Hungover on Fashion said...

@Shruti: Yeah whoever I checked with, did not seem to like the sale too much this time :(