Saturday, May 7, 2011

Street Shopping from GK I M Block

GK I M Block Market has always been one of my favorite places to be! Having studied in LSR, this was our quickest and hottest free time getaway. The trendiest clothes (both on-shelf and off-shelf), women with straight hair and high heels,always holding their hand bags at a right angle; the heavily kohled LSR girls, the chic crowd - that's what I associate this market with. Ever since select city's come into existence I don't go anywhere else to shop for branded stuff, you don't really need to because it has everything. But GK still has it's charm for the 'patri' clothes and jewelery!

With the sudden storm last evening the weather was pretty pleasant today for May in Delhi. Hence I decided to pay a quick visit and catch up with the latest 'patri' stuff. I wanted to make sure I was going there kind of early so as to take advantage of 'bauni' time and get some cool deals. ('Bauni' means the first sale. The shop-keepers are kind of superstitious and would generally like to have the first sale as soon as possible and sometimes are willing to give the customer a very good bargain). I had also borrowed a DSLR from a kind friend and was itching to click some nice snaps and enhance my photography skills.

Shorts Galore
The market has everything - shoes, make-up, clothes. The in-thing this season seemed to be shorts. Vibrant colors, very short, not too short, all kinds available. But you must check the stuff thoroughly. Like there was something wrong with the zipper for the one that I bough :( They're all available within Rs 200-250.

Stuff I bought
Peach Lacy Top
Electric Blue Casual Top with Puffed Sleeves
Linen Shorts with a bad Zipper

Peach Lacy Top with the Ann Taylor Logo Struck Off

Electric Blue Casual Top with Puffed Sleeves

Multi Colored Shorts - I got one of these!

Stuff I did Not Buy

Multi Colored Shoes - And all I wear is black :(


Loreal Glam Shine?? Not Quite..

A Nano for Gift!


Rakhshanda said...

Woww love the pumps and the T-shirt!!
Great pics too <3

Anonymous said...

hey! lovely post!

the sandals are soo gorgeous!! love the beading and colour on them!
also the bangles look nice!
lol on a side note, love the store name chunmum! sooo cute!!! =)

btw, i just put a new post about my giveaway items! check it out! maybe follow me if you like?

Cynthia Z said...

The peach top is so pretty!


Hungover on Fashion said...

i so love those colorful pumps!!

Anonymous said...

nice lighting and composition in peach top pic...

Hungover on Fashion said...

A rather technical compliment I must say! Thanks anyway..

crazypoplock said...

Wow, nice blog. Its been a long time I havent been to that place. Thanks for showing us the pics of those pretty shoes.

I'm following you now. Please don't forget to follow back ^_^.


kuheli/bulbul said...

i want a multicolored pump and a strappy sandal. :( i wanna go there and i also want ur lacy top. :(( and now i am all sad....:(((

Ginger said...

this was a fun post!! i liked the quarter puffed up style. i hope i find it in mumbai!!

PeachesandBlush said...

OMG...i jusssst did an OOTD with that top..hehehe...and again VERY nice picturess!!!!

The top you bought , i was going to buy that the ame color and in white..but last minute i forgot...its really nice

PeachesandBlush said...

Btw, how was it going to GK M Block again..i always feel nostalgic when i go there

Vanity said...

nice haul..i so much want dat puffed sleeve top..almosr every1 has one now..haw much was it for?

Hungover on Fashion said...

@crazypoplock: yeah, I love those shoes too!

@Kuheli: Come to Delhi babe :)

@Ginger: Everyone in DElhi has this top..M sure they'll b there in mumbai too

@Peachesandblush: Thanks!! and GK makes me also ver very nostalgic..I've kind of mentioned that in the post too

@Vanity: I think I will put up the prices in the post itself. Street-shopping is after all, all about bargaining for the best deal

Peach top: Rs 230
Blue Top: Rs 200
Shorts: Rs 200

ClassyandFabulous said...

Hahha yeah they sell ALOT of fake makeup there

Hungover on Fashion said...

fake make up's are sold in almost all street markets..I guess we have to be careful..Noone will buy MAC from there anyway..

FashionableAsians said...

I like the pink ruffle top! Great blog girlie, thanks for dropping by mine, following you now :)

shuchita said...

I miss M block market there is nothing like this in mumbai
I want those shoes in every color

Kate L. said...

Lovely peach top!!

Fashion Cat

Sonia said...

Love the footwear.It's making me itch to go shop for some.

indian beauty central said...

Love the frilly peach top. I haven't hit GK 1 market in quite a while,it used to be my regular hangout when I stayed in GK..these days.I think of the traffic & just drop d plan.Great snaps btw

Ankita said...

Nice pic of the peach top.

And electric blue really seems to be a hot favourite!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

Honestly, there's no market like GK 1 if you've got used to it!! I myself go there very rarely since the malls have come up..But I love it every time I go there!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Seriously thrift shopping is the most enjoyable one, isn't it!!!
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Selenia said...

I like your blog,i follo w you!!
Come on
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Aarthi said...

You are tempting me so much to go on shopping in the road sides here... Loved those colourful shoes :P

Pupul said...

I feel I'm living your LSR days,studying in LSr now! GK is our closest sneak out place!

nitika said...

wow !!! the peach top is sooo cutee !! : )

Anjali said...

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