Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Match or War?

The media keeps saying its just a match and not war, just that they themselves don't quite believe it!
Any news channel you switch to, they can't stop talking about the India Pakistan Semi Final World Cup 2011 at Mohali!

Offices Declare a Half Day!
Colleges Shut!!
No Traffic at 6pm!!!
Tickets sold at...God knows what prices!!!!

Of-course it's more than just a match! 
Here are some heart warming pictures!
The Fan who doesn't miss a single match!

Pictures from Google Images

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Face Pack That Doesn't Dry Up: Biotique Bio Milk Protein

What comes to your mind when someone talks about face packs?

Lying under the fan and waiting for the pack to dry..?
Dry and Stretched skin..?
Struggle to wash off the dried pack..?

If you want to stop worrying about these then give this a try! The Biotique Bio Milk Protein Face Pack is a pack that can directly be applied like a cream and then washed off after 15 min. It does not even dry up! Here's more and my review.

By the way, Milk Protein has been nature's moisture booster and lightening elixir since Cleopatra's legendary bath!

Product Details
  • Name: Biotique Bio Milk Protein Face Pack
  • Price: Rs 199 for 60 gm (1.7 Oz.)

What it Claims
  • It is a 'Whitening and Rejuvenating Face Pack' that eases away wrinkles and lightens skin for a visibly fairer, smoother, rejuvenated complexion. 
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Can be used every day.
  • Has therapeutic properties. 

The Ingredients
I will avoid the technical names. Basically it contains Almond Oil, Honey, Wheatgerm extracts and Milk Protein along with Seaweed. 

How to Use
  • Apply evenly over cleansed face, neck and around eyes. 
  • Leave on for 15-20 min. 
  • Rinse with water or using a damp cloth

What I like about this Face Pack
  • Sorry for being repetitive but the first thing I love about this is that it does not dry up! So no worries of stretched and dry skin. 
  • The texture is exactly like that of a cream, not thick like other packs (See picture). You can apply it very conveniently. Also washes off very easily.
  • The skin feels very fresh and soft after washing off. You do feel the difference! It makes the skin radiant.
  • It has got a very mild but fresh fragrance.
  • I used it for the first time after a trip from Goa. It actually helped my tan go away soon unlike my previous experiences.
  • It is herbal.

What I don't like about this Face Pack: Nothing!!

How I use it
  • I generally use it after applying the Biotique Papaya Face Scrub. It slightly burns in the beginning, but that feeling is normal and goes away quickly.
  • I then follow it with Biotique Cucumber Water to tighten the pores before moisturizing.
  • I generally do this once-twice a week. The skin feels very fresh and rejuvenated!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase it? I already have!!

Other Biotique Products that I Use

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil: Swatches, Review and Comparison with Colorbar I Glide

 I first bought the Black Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil. I liked it so much that I also got the Green from the same range. Here's my review.

Green (Top) and Black (Bottom)

Product Details
  • Price: Rs 325 for 1.15 gm
  • Shade: They don't have names, only numbers. ET 01(Black), ET 03 (Green)
  • Range: Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil
What I like about Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil
  • The Pigmentation: All you need is just one stroke to get the perfect color. No struggle involved!
  • The Texture: Its very soft and applies smoothly on the skin.
  • The Color: The black one is very dark, gives the kohl look without any shimmer, just as I like it. The green one is a shade I adore and I love the slight shimmery finish (you can see it in the pictures). I actually think its a greenish black rather than blackish green. Also, since it's almost black and not a stark green, you can wear it everyday no matter what the color of your dress is!
  • Pretty Long Stay and Smudgeproof: It stays on nicely for almost 12 hours without smudging. But it can smudge if you happen to rub your eyes vigorously!
  • Easy to Wash off: Comes off easily with a facewash or make-up remover.
What I don't quite like about Chambor Eye Tattoo Pencil: None really!
Overall Rating: 4/5
Will I Buy it Again? Well I already did!!

Comparison with Colorbar I Glide Eye Color
Though I like both of these eye pencils, while I rate Chambor slightly higher in pigmentation, Colorbar is far superior in the smudge-proof aspect.

  •                           Chambor     Colorbar
  1. Pigementation 4.5             4
  2. Smudge-proof 3.5             5
  3. Texture 4.5            3.5 (Soft but breaks easily)
  4. Finish 4.5            5
  5. Washing Off Ease 4.5            4.5
  6. Overall 4            4

You can read about more of my eye colors here.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 'Holi' Day!

My Holi Look

Holi is a festival I adore!! The colors, the desserts, the food, love them all!

Here are some pictures of how I enjoyed this Holi with some traditional Holi food, courtsey my mom-in-law and my sis-in-law. My contribution was limited to filling up the kachauris!!

You can see the recipes for some of these and lots more at my sis-in-law's food blog

Stuffed Kachauri
Recipe here.

Mal Pua

 Dahi Vada

Chocolate Donuts
Not quite 'traditional' but yummy! Recipe here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Colobar I Glide Eye Color, Prunella: Swatches, Review and Photos

I have read about this range in many blogs and thought of trying it out mysef.

Prunella means 'plum' in Latin and is also a popular first name for women. True to its name, Prunella from the Colorbar I Glide Eye Color range is a very pretty shade of plum. Here's what I like and dislike about it.

 Product Details
  • Price: Rs 325 for 1.1 gm
  • Shade: Prunella 05
  • Range: Colorbar I Glide Eye Color
What I like about Prunella
  • The Color: Very pretty color, has a smooth shine to it. Its more of a plum shade than purple. Also, the color is exactly as it appears on the pencil bottom only with more shine.
  • The Finish: Although it's an eye pencil, it is slightly moist when being applied. But then it quickly dries and gives a smooth liquid liner like finish.
  • The Texture: Its creamy soft, but honestly a little too soft.
  • Very Long Stay: Well it stays on till you clean it off!
  • Super Smudge-proof: Here I have to give this a 5/5! Even if you rub it really hard, it does not smudge! Stays the way you exactly applied it.
  • Easy to Wash off: It is important that the eye color comes of without too much rubbing. This comes off almost completely when I wash my face with a face wash. Easy with the make-up remover too.
What I don't quite like about Prunella
There is just one thing that I don't like about this product, but a serious one!
  • Too Soft and Breaks Easily: It is super soft while applying, one does not need to apply too much pressure while using this. But then it is so soft that it breaks very easily. Almost every time I sharpen it, a bit of the lead breaks. This way it will get over too fast.
Overall Rating: 4/5

Will I Buy it Again?
Honestly, I don't have a definite answer right now. I love everything about Prunella except the fact that it breaks too often. Not sure if I was unlucky with this piece that I got or this is a general problem.
I have time to decide till the pencil gets over..

You can read about more of my eye colors here.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fashionable at Work: Office Wear for Women

appWe all know any work gets monotonous and boring  after some time. What can we do to motivate ourselves to wake up and go to office every morning? May be telling yourself that you have yet another chance to earn some compliments and wows. So, here are some things you can do to spice up your work wardrobe a bit. But do remember, the way you dress up says a lot about you. So look smart at work and not suggestive.

Add Some Color
Of course we can't do without the whites, blacks and greys, but might be a good idea to promise yourself to not buy those colors for the next 2 months. Blue, purple and plum are the colors of the season. Maroon is also a nice color for office wear. And last but not the least, perky pink!

Skirt it Up
Skirts are my favorite when it comes to office wear. I love pencil skirts!
  • A high waist pencil skirt helps you look slim. Ideally the top/ shirt should be tucked in.
  • Also, wearing flats with a pencil skirt totally kills the look. A high heel on the other hand accentuates the right curves. 
  • The fit on the hip must be perfect and the length should be just till the knee if its high waist.
  • You can also go for a flared skirt.

 Try a New Style in Trousers
Men do not have much of a choice in terms of office wear, but we do :) So why not try something new, may be a pair of wide legged trousers. They look cool and chic. I think you should be able to find something in Zara and Mango amongst other stores.

Flaunt some Dresses
Dresses at Indian work places were not very popular till about a couple of years back. But now it's a must have in the wardrobe. What's good for office?

  • Straight or A line dresses, not too tight, preferably with a belt.
  • I prefer a fabric with some elastane since its falls nicely on the body. 

I have some dresses from Van Heusen. You will find good stuff in St. Oliver and Mango as well.

Frilly Shirts
Shirts are the most traditional formal wear. Better the fit, smarter the look. The stretchable ones can hug the curves. If you want a 'different' shirt, may be you can for a frilly one.

Play with the Neck
If shirts make you feel claustrophobic, lets try some open necklines.
  • The scoop and the deep V are my favorites. 
  • I thought of including a neckline guide from the net if you can't think of what kind of neck your next top should have. 
  • By the way though closed, high necks are great for office wear, especially in winters under the blazer.
Top from Zara

Neckline Guide
 Power Dressing
A business suit is a must for the work wardrobe.
  •  You can go for a suit with trousers or skirt. Both are equally formal.
  • I personally feel the closed button look is smarter.
  • Get a suit with a good fit and the right length of the blazer.
  • I like Benetton's business suits a lot. They fit me well. You can normally get the set for around Rs 8k. The best time to buy those is during sale when they are at a 50% off. Van Heusen also has a decent collection of suits.  
  • You can also get them tailor made from shops like Raymond etc.
Suits from Van Heusen
Your office attire is incomplete without a nice shoe, a smart belt and some sleek jewelery. In fact they are quite essential and I want to write a separate post on them with some pictures from my closet.

Not So Fashionable
Read here about things which are unfashionable at work ad should be avoided!

*Pictures from Google Images, Van Heusen Catalogue and my closet

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week 2011: Weird Designer Styles

'Weird' seems to be my favorite words these days! Can't help it, the Lakme Fashion Week is giving me enough pictures. Almost all the designers had a trademark pattern in their collection, be it the color of the clothes, hairstyle or makeup. Some of them were different, some weird. But they were certainly interesting! Take a look.

The Joint Eyebrows from Anamika Khanna
 I can't believe that the designers put in so much effort in making their models look like this!!
Modeling at one point used to be about good facial features, but now its more about 'natural' features I guess!

The Nerdy Look from Sabyasachi
I am not sure if nerdy looking women with a turban hairstyle can exactly be called as fashionable!

The Hot Towel Look from Masaba Gupta
Is this a way Masaba Gupta is following to improve her models' balance walking?
Or is it an unfinished hot towel session that's now reached the ramp?
Whatever, these models are under a tremendous 'burden'.


The Scary Hairstyle: Permed, Blown, Feathered from Anupama Dayal

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Munni Becomes Badnaam in Australia Too and Creates a World Record - Video

"The most popular song of the movie Dabangg, ‘Munni Badnam Huyi’ has made history during Indian Film Festival in Melbourne. On the opening night of the fest, while Dabangg was being screened, the swarms of 1200 people were super excited and the moment they saw Malaika Arora Khan on the screen, they started a spontaneous gig. This gig continued for 3 minutes and the Guinness Book representative were quick enough to get a glimpse of the action, thus allowing “Munni” enter into the prestigious Guinness Book of Records for 1200 people dancing for 3 minutes in Melbourne park."

Source: Worldwide Web

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week 2011: Weird Accessories

I have always believed that fashion shows are platforms to show stuff that you can never actually expect someone to wear in public! But I have to admit that the trends are changing and weird is hot!! Here is a look at some weirdly creative accessories from the accessories designers at Lakme Fashion Week 2011. The show is still on, so we may see weirder stuff but these are the ones that caught my attention so far.

Does she remind you of some Hindi horror serials, the 'Tantrik' (withcraft) lady who keeps screaming 'Jai Ma Kali' every minute?

There was no space on the notice board, so this is how she conveys her messages.

Don't mess with me, I know Kungfu!!

Not sure which lipstick I wanna wear today, so carrying them all around my neck.

Stunt woman, always ready to kill!

Pictures from Lakme Website

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Pink Lipsticks that I have: Swatches, Reviews, Photos

That was a bit of my photography passion. Here is my passion for pink. 
Earlier I thought pink was too perky for me and I would always go for browns. But then a friend convinced me that it was nice to add a bit of color to the face. And from then on, I have loved pink! And it's amazing how there can exist so many shades of just one color.

The Shades

1. Shy, Clinique Different Lipstick (A 10) - $14/ Rs 1025
2. Rose Petal, New York Color (NYC) (403B) - $2
3. Amorous, MAC Satin Lipstick (A 50) - $14.5/ Rs 990
4. Rose Jam, Maybelline Watershine (10) - Rs 220

The Packing

On the Skin

If you liked my pink lipstick collection, you can also take a look at my box of eyeliners here.


Shy, Clinique Different Lipstick
Love the color, have not used yet.

Rose Petal, New York Color

  • This was the result of my attempt to buy cheap cosmetics from NY. I got it from a drugstore and there was no tester. 
  • The color turned out to be too bright. I used it in combination of other colors to tone it down.
  • Well pigmented but not creamy. Stays fairly long though. 
  • Did not mind experimenting with $2 but won't try again :)

Amorous, MAC Satin Lipstick 

  • I have reviewed this very thoroughly here. I love this lipstick and currently use it almost everyday. 
  • Has a slightly purple tone.

Rose Jam, Maybelline Watershine

  • Till I got my MAC, I wore this regularly and as you can see, it's almost over! 
  • Loved the color, bright pink but very wearable. 
  • Added some kind of a glow to my lips. Very creamy and soft too.
  • But did not stay long as the product promised. 
  • Also, did not wear away evenly,  left some pink patches on my lip.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Box of Eyeliners: Swatches, Reviews, Photos

Make up for me has been 'wearing an eyeliner' for a long time. I never indulged myself in fancy eye shadows (though now I want to..), but the basic outlining of the eye is something that I have always done.

I have a preference for pencils over liquid liners as I think pencils give me a better control and grip. Many people feel otherwise though. 

Also I like the pencils that can be sharpened. Can't really of a reason other than the fact that I have always loved sharpening my pencils during my school days. Often made flowers from the layers that came off :). Just kidding, but I like using a very sharp tip for the upper lining.

So here's a tour of my eye liner box!! Hope you enjoy it..

1. Blue Eye Glide On from Lakme - Rs 275
2. Green Eyeliner Pencil from Revlon (Shade 14) - Rs 230
3. Black Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor (Shade ET 01, K 36) - Rs 325
4. Purple I Glide Eye Pencil from Colorbar (Prunella, 05) - Rs 325
5. Brown Magic Eye Liner Pencil from Revlon (Flirty Brown, Shade 94) - Rs 390
6. Blackish Green Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor (Shade ET 03, J 20) - Rs 325

If you liked my eyeliners, you can also take a look at my pink lipsticks here.

Brief Review
I intend to review Colorbar and Chambor in detail because I am simply loving them. But, have not been able to click the perfect swatch. Still struggling. Here are a few lines about each of my eye liners.

Blue Eye Glide On from Lakme
Nice color, smooth shine, does not smudge. 
But cannot be removed easily. 
Also, no color shown on the pencil, neither a name mentioned. 
And it's not very very soft like the others. 
I won't buy this range again.

Green Eyeliner Pencil from Revlon
Love this color, has a soft shine, does not claim to be smudge-proof and long stay but never smudged, and stays for fairly a long time. (The black one of the same range smudged a lot)
Easy on the pocket.

Black Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor
Perfect black, soft, no shine, waterproof and smudgeproof, long stay. 
I wear this the most frequently.
Smudges if I sleep without removing it.

Purple I Glide Eye Pencil from Colorbar
Very pretty color, has a soft shine, very long stay, never smudges. 
Actual color is closer to the color on the pencil than in the swatch. 
But too soft and beaks easily. 

 Brown Magic Eye Liner Pencil from Revlon 
Metallic shine, soft, long stay, smugeproof
But color does not show up very nicely on my eyes.

Blackish Green Eye Tattoo Liner from Chambor
Love this color, blackish green, has a soft shine, long stay. 
The sales people call it a green shade but it is actually very dark and I prefer to call it a greenish black rather than blackish green.